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3 Worst technology blunders in last year

Google glass

As per the sources like othere biggest tech companies Google has had its share of blunders over the years when it comes to devices. The company raised a lot of interest when it announced Google Glass and showed off a demo of how interactive it is and how useful it is in daily life.

However, the hype went down the drain when the price was announced -at US$1,500, the glass was clearly overpriced, bulky, had limited use and limited battery life. There has been no significant news regarding any update of the product for a few months now.A recent biggest failure of google! The device never properly launched for consumers and those who had pre-ordered it after the announcement got the device for free. In 2013, Google quietly discontinued the failed product.

Apple iphone 6

As per the technology sources customers complained that both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus would bend easily when kept in a pocket or in bags -raising concerns on the build quality of the phone. While Apple never officially acknowledged it to be a big issue, the company did offer a free replacement to users if the handset did appear to be accidentally bent.but es, unfortunately it does with many customer but the company will offers a best maintenance scheme!In the next variants -iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple improved build quality of the devices by using strengthened anodized aluminum to build the phone’s shell. Bend-gate was the term handed out this time.


A hoverboard is the common name given to a self-balancing, battery-powered scooter.These devices first came into the limelight in China (around 2014) -within a year, they became the new craze for the urban elite. A number of Indian companies also imported and launched them in India and many variants were available at electronics and toy stores for a while.

As per the expert reviews it was a lot of fun to ride it -you just need to bend slightly forward to make it go forward and bend backwards to slow down or stop. Think of it like a mini Segway.

Almost all commercial airlines quickly banned carriage of hoverboards. Interest took a nosedive and the product faded away slowly. Even the so called ‘certified’ and quality controlled hoverboards have not caught on.
However, because of the hype and sudden demand, a lot of cheap knockoffs started appearing -these devices failed to meet many safety requirements and used sub-standard lithium-ion batteries which started resulting in explosions. As the number of YouTube videos grew -Hoverboards were quickly deemed to a big fire hazard.And officially hoverboards get banned!

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